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Unlock LG LEON

Remove simlock from LG LEON

How to unlock LG permanently? Unlocking LG permanently is very simple. It is also the safest and non-invasive method of unlocking your phone. To permanently unlock your LG we need only IMEI number. IMEI by typing *#06#.

Unlock permanently LG is available to all networks. With our LG unlocking service you may me sure once unlocked phone won’t become locked anymore even after software update. After order our service your LG appears to servers as a factory unlocked and thus the software updates will not re-lock.

How to unlock LG LEON?

After receiving information about the fact that the IMEI is saved to the LG database, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the original SIM card into the phone (network card from which the phone is) and run it.
  2. If the SIM card is PIN protected enter it.
  3. Enter sequence * 2945 # XXX # or * 2945 # 71001 #
  4. In Unlock menu select "Network Lock".
  5. Enter the code NCK and approved lock unlock automatically disappear.

In place of XXX insert digits of your phone model. So for example. LG E430 enter 2495 # * 430 #

What is simlock?

Simlock is a phone lock, imposed by cellular operators, which prevents the customer from using the SIM card from another network. This is often a hassle for the user, who is limited by one operator. However, there are ways to remove the simlock.

In a SIM-locked mobile phone, unfortunately, you can only use the SIM card of the selected operator. As mentioned above in mobile phones we often encounter restrictions that make them work only with the cards of one particular operator.

How to unlock LG LEON?

It is possible, however, to remove such a lock, for example, by remotely unlocking the code, which consists in entering a special unique code that removes the security and thus it is possible to use the SIM cards of operators of all networks. Such unlocking by entering the code is completely safe as it is an option that was introduced by the mobile phone manufacturers. Your mobile phone also does not lose your warranty.

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