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Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3

Remove simlock Samsung Galaxy S3

How to unlock Samsung permanently? Permanent Samsung unlock is very simple to do. It is also the safest and non-invasive method of unlocking your phone. To permanently unlock your Samsung need only IMEI number. IMEI by typing *#06#.

Permanent unlock for Samsung is available only for the chosen network. Once unlocked will never lock again even after the software update. When you place the order your phone appears to servers as Samsung factory unlocked and thus the software updates will not re-lock.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S3?

After receiving information about the fact that the IMEI is saved to the Samsung database do the following:

  1. Insert foreign SIM card into the phone (foreign network means different than phone is locked to) and run it.
  2. If the SIM card is protected by PIN enter it.
  3. The phone will ask for the unlock code network.
  4. Enter the code unfreeze and confirm (you may receive a code error message).
  5. Enter the code Network.
  6. After approval unlock automatically disappear.

In the event that Samsung does not ask for the code:

  1. Insert foreign SIM card into the and run it.
  2. Then enter #7465625*638*Network# or *#7465625*638*Network#

The phone is unlocked.

The second method when the phone asks for the code:

  1. Insert foreign SIM card into the phone (network card from the opposite from that of the originating phone) and run it.
  2. Enter sequences:
  3. After approval unlock automatically disappear.

If the display shows "PHONE FREEZE" should be:

  1. Choose a call and enter the code Unfreeze (the same digits)
  2. The phone will ask for the code
  3. Enter the code Network.
  4. Once unlock automatically disappear.

What is simlock?

Security in the mobile phone software provided by the manufacturer at the operator's request, most often resulting in the lack of authorization of SIM cards from other operators. In other words: by simlock you can not have other operators cards.

Only one operator (mostly phone seller) can be installed on the SIM-lock mobile phone, and the phone can also be locked so that it works only with one SIM card, for example, or with a country specific card - but in practice the most common lock is Lock on operator's request. Placing not his card usually calls the inscription: No network.

How to unlock your phone?

There are various methods of unlocking your mobile phone. We recommend to use our offer to remove the simlock from your phone.

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